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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 1, 2012 12:35am-1:35am PDT

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i wanna be with you when the morning comes ♪ ♪ i wanna oh baby baby yeah let me stay baby please let me stay ♪ ♪ yeah with you it's all right come on ♪ ♪ it's all right yeah it's all right yeah ♪ ♪ baby let me stay [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: macy gray! good job, baby girl. >> thank you. >> jay: seriously, that was great. you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> jay: i want to thank my guests, taylor lautner, lior suchard and of course macy gray. tomorrow night, jamie lee curtis will be here. and jimmy fallon's up next,
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jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, thanks! tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. what a crowd tonight!
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happy halloween! [ cheers and applause ] oh, thank you so much. please. welcome. thank you so much. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everybody. thank you for being here. [ cheers and applause ] welcome. that's what i'm talking about. guys, it is october 31st, everyone. yeah, you know what that means. hairspray, makeup, all the goofy outfits. that's right. ryan seacrest is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] i love that guy. i don't know why, yeah. ryan seacrest is on the show tonight. it might be strange for him, 'cause this is actually the only show on tv he doesn't host. [ laughter ] so it's going to be very, like, tried to take the mic earlier from miles. i want to wish everyone out there a happy and safe halloween. [ cheers and applause ] you guys are great. of course, after hurricane sandy, the most popular costume this year is slutty flashlight. [ laughter ] hey, here's some good news, you
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guys. after several days of being shut down, new york city's subway service will gradually be restored tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] that way people can stop complaining about not having the subway to ride and get back to complaining about having to ride the subway. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> a.d. can't win. >> jimmy: you can't win. too cold over here. too cold. it's too hot over here. >> a.d.: oh, too hot. >> jimmy: over there, it's pretty cold, too. over there. over here. get out of here. go over there. this isn't good, you guys. [ laughter ] there are reports of at least a dozen people looting a brookstone store in downtown manhattan. of course, since it was a brookstone, most people just try the products with no real intention of stealing them. [ laughter ] "honey, you want to buy this $8,000 massage chair?" "no, let's go to orange julius." "i'm good. take care." speaking of the hurricane, did
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you guys hear about this? michael brown, who was in charge of fema during hurricane katrina, is actually criticizing president obama for responding to hurricane sandy too quickly. [ audience ohs ] brown would have said more, but he was still busy responding to katrina. [ cheers and applause ] "get out of here. go over there. look at this guy over here. get over here no, get out of here." >> a.d.: get back over here. >> jimmy: with the power still being out in the east coast, millions of people have complained of going through twitter withdrawal. yeah, and we all know that in today's world, that's how many people get their news. so we thought we'd help you guys out by filling you in on some of the tweets that you've been missing out on. these are actual tweets from celebrities that we've seen over the last few days. let's take a look. this first one here is from lindsay lohan. she tweeted, "i love doritos." [ laughter ] very important. you missed out. you don't want to miss out on
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those tweets. next, we have miley cyrus. earlier today she tweeted to nicki minaj, "you a stupid hoe." [ laughter ] >> a.d.: they don't want to let the storm -- >> jimmy: very important. the storm is happening. now, again, these are real tweets from real people. we did not write these. >> a.d.: nope. >> jimmy: next one is from ke$ha. on monday night she tweeted, "my tongue gets itchy when i get nervous." [ laughter ] here's one from khloe kardashian. last night, she tweeted, "i am sooo sleep." [ laughter ] she didn't even get to write sleepy. she was, like -- >> a.d.: nodded off. >> jimmy: 'cause she was so tired. next one's from baseball great jose canseco. he tweeted, "aliens need love too." [ light laughter ] i don't know what that means. the last one's from gary busey. on monday night, he wrote, "the hummingbird that flew in our house was attracted to the sweetness that never leaves." [ applause ] there you go, guys. those are some real tweets from some real people.
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and, finally, this week, hugh hefner held his annual halloween party at the playboy mansion. yeah, and hugh wore a really scary costume -- an open robe. we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, everybody, we got a good show tonight. real quick, the red cross has been great during hurricane sandy. i think now's the time, if you want to donate or help out, it would be great. it's very easy. if you want to do it this way, you can text the word "redcross" to 90999, and they will make an automatic donation of $10. it's very easy. or you can go to and find other ways to donate. it'd be great if you did. [ cheers and applause ] we have a fun show tonight. he's one of the hardest-working men in show business. we love him. ryan seacrest is here tonight.
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[ cheers and applause ] we're talking "idol." we're talking "new year's rockin' eve." everything. plus, he's an emmy-award winning actor from hbo's "boardwalk empire." bobby cannavale is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] he's a good man. >> a.d.: great guy. >> jimmy: and he's a very, very funny stand-up who has a new album coming out on november 6th, titled "better, stronger, faster." tom shillue will be performing for us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] a very funny gentleman. as you guys know, we're always striving to get better here at "late night." ♪ harder better faster stronger ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers ] [ scattered applause ] so before every show we put out a suggestion box for the audience, just to get some feedback about what you guys think of the show. things you like to see us do, that kind of stuff. so tonight, let's look inside the "audience suggestion box." let's go. ♪ >> jimmy: here we go here. this first one here is from
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alex mayer. he says, "hey, jimmy. my favorite scary cartoon is 'scooby-doo.' and my favorite reality tv show is 'here comes honey boo boo.' [ light laughter ] can you combine them to make 'here comes scooby-doo-doo'?" yeah, that's a great question, alex. i'd like to see what that would look like. so, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, it's "here comes scooby-doo- doo." >> a dollar make me holler, honey boo boo. [ cheers and applause ] >> my new dress is gonna help me win the glitz pageant. >> i get really sassy when i put on my new dress, because it makes me feel happy. "here comes honey boo boo." ruh-roh! >> jimmy: there you go. [ cheers and applause ] she's a cutie, man. she's a cutie. let's try another one here. this one's from brittany harding. "jimmy, i never know what candy to give out on halloween. it's become such an issue that it's actually affecting my relationship. [ light laughter ] can you have tariq do a rap that gives advice on what types of candy people should give out on halloween?"
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let's see. tariq, do you think you think you can do that? >> sure, i love candy. let's -- let's do this. ♪ okay ♪ i'm down to earth like deep roots on halloween i don't eat fruits ♪ ♪ it's snickers bars it's baby ruth i'm satisfying my sweet tooth ♪ ♪ when i'm branching out like timbalands reese's cups and them m&ms ♪ ♪ mike and ikes and them milky ways and them lemonheads y'all remember them? ♪ ♪ what's better than rolos be the judge butterfingers milk duds ♪ ♪ whatever it was it's a sugar buzz just bubbling up like soap suds ♪ ♪ those caramel corn get no love but twizzlers i'm thinkin' of ♪ ♪ and hershey bars get broken off this year halloween i'm open on ♪ ♪ candy [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's done that -- he's done that before. he's rapped before, i think. next one here. from mark ratliff. "jimmy, i heard it's bad luck to walk under a ladder. is that true?" i always heard that, too, mark. i always thought it was just a
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superstition, but let's find out if it's true right now. why not? ♪ there you go. this gentleman right here will do it. let's find out once and for all if it's actually bad luck to walk under a ladder. go ahead. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i ess it isn't bad luck after all. [ boing ] oh, my goodness. all right. very good. i guess it is bad luck. >> a.d.: i guess it is bad luck after all. >> jimmy: all right. get him out of here. why is he still here? ♪ get him out of here. put some pants on. get some pants on, man. that's really bad luck, man. football hit him in the crotch. that is bad luck, man. and his pants got torn off. [ light laughter ] this one's from j.r. anthony. "hey, jimmy, have you seen any fun new halloween shirts this season?"
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you know, j.r., i actually have. so here to show off some fun, new halloween shirts is two fun men. here they are. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, guys. >> both: hey. >> jimmy: guys, i don't know if you noticed this, but the date on your shirt is wrong. >> both: what do you mean? >> jimmy: your shirt says november 6th. halloween's on october 31st. also, it's 2012, not 2009. >> both: oh, shoot. we have to return it then. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: return it to where? >> both: the building. >> jimmy: where is this building? >> both: germany. hit it, mr. root! ♪ we're going to germany to return our shirts happy halloween spooky spooky ghosts ♪
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♪ germany spooky spooky ghosts germany spooky spooky ghosts ♪ ♪ happy smelloween >> jimmy: all right. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. two fun men, everybody. two fun men right ere. i don't know what's going on. this one's from derbert. you don't hear that name a lot. derbert -- derbert cobb. >> a.d.: wait. old derby cobb? >> jimmy: yeah, sounds like an old ballplayer. an old baseball player. >> a.d.: derby cobb. >> jimmy: i got an original derbert cobb. >> a.d.: batting .300. >> jimmy: "jimmy, is there any way you could hold a seance on your show?" [ audience oohs ] actually, derbert, you're in luck. we happen to have a medium on the show tonight. please welcome the great benito, everyone. ♪ oh, thank goodness. good to see you. >> hello, it's good to see you, too, jimmy. >> jimmy: yeah. >> ahh.
12:48 am
with this magic candle, i will light it. and i will summon the spirit of a famous celebrity. >> jimmy: this is exciting. this is great. thank you, benito. >> here we go. here we -- come on. okay. argh! 7-eleven lighters are the worst! [ light laughter ] fear not. fear not. we'll do it without the candle. [ light laughter ] okay. >> jimmy: do i have to do anything? >> you just have to put your hands here. >> jimmy: there? >> yeah, there we go. oh, i see him. oh, i see him. the spirit -- >> jimmy: yes. >> he's right there. >> jimmy: i don't see him. >> he's getting clearer. you see him? he's right here. this is the spirit of -- this is the spirit of questlove. questlove? can you hear me? [ laughter ] >> questlove: i'm not dead. >> oh, oh! i can hear him. >> jimmy: through your earpiece? >> through my magical earpiece.
12:49 am
quiet, quiet! questlove? questlove, can you tell us what it's like there where you are? >> questlove: what's he talking about? [ laughter ] >> you're not coming in very clearly any more. questlove, we're having a technical difficulty. before you go, though, questlove -- listen. can you use your magic powers to give me and my girlfriend free tickets to see the roots to celebrate our two-week anniversary? >> questlove: i'm not doing this anymore. >> jimmy: are you okay? >> i've lost him. i've lost him. >> jimmy: but why are you on the ground? >> jim. dammit, jim. >> jimmy: dammit, jim? >> yes. but that's how you hold a seance. yes, yes! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the great benito, everybody. the great benito. >> listen. i was just wondering -- before i go -- do you know where i could -- to restore my power, do you know where i can get a sloppy pumpkin?
12:50 am
>> jimmy: okay, thank you so much. >> okay. >> jimmy: the great benito, everyone. [ applause ] what are you talking about? >> don't act like you've never eaten a sloppy pumpkin. >> jimmy: all right. [ light laughter ] who is that guy? >> a.d.: what is a sloppy pumpkin? >> jimmy: i don't know what he's talking about. he's the great benito. this last one here -- we'll do one more. this is from lisa wexler. "jimmy, two of my favorite things are bob dylan and that famous kids' song that goes 'trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.' do you think you can combine those two things?" yeah, of course. i think i can do that. that should be fun. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat ♪
12:51 am
♪ if you don't then i don't care i'll pull down your underwear ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ trick or treat smell my feet give me something that's good to eat ♪ ♪ if you don't then i don't care i'll pull down your underwear ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's all the time we have for "audience suggestion box." stick around. we'll be right back with more "late night," everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ trick or treat smell my feet give me something that's good to eat ♪ ♪ if you don't then i don't care i'll pull down your underwear ♪ ♪ trick or treat smell my feet give me something
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that's good to eat ♪ ♪ if you don't then i don't care i'll pull down your underwear ♪ >> one more time. ♪ trick or treat smell my feet give me something that's good to eat ♪ ♪ if you don't then i don't care i'll pull down your underwear ♪ ♪ trick or treat smell my feet give me something that's good to eat ♪ ♪ if you don't then i don't care i'll pull down your underwear ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. the roots! oh, that's nice. [ male announcer ] oh, to suffer with dandruff.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. oh, man. it is halloween, you guys! [ cheers and applause ] happy halloween, everybody. i got to tell you, everything, everything seems little scarier this week. even little things around the office have been freaking me out lately. like, for example i had this lamp on my desk in my office. and between you and me, i swear i think this thing is haunted. i know it sounds crazy, but i'm telling you guys, this is a scary lamp. take a look. [ traffic noises ]
12:57 am
>> happy halloween, mr. fallon. >> jimmy: happy halloween, carl. [ scary music plays ] ♪ ♪ [ ominous music plays ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: ah! geez, higgins you scared me. >> steve: dude, sorry. [ exhales ] you all right? [ sighs ] >> jimmy: no, it's no big deal. hey, dude, while you're here, do you notice anything weird about this lamp?
12:58 am
>> steve: what lamp? ♪ >> jimmy: dude, the lamp right there. >> steve: are you drunk? >> jimmy: what? i'm not drunk. >> steve: because if you are drunk -- seriously, don't worry about it, i can get you out of here, sneak you through the back door. >> a.d.: steve, good i found you. i need to you do a voice-over for this sketch. who are you talking to? [ dramatic music ] >> steve: jimmy. he has some crazy story about a lamp. >> a.d.: jimmy fallon? >> steve: right there, jimmy fallon. >> jimmy: i'm right here. >> steve: jimmy fallon? [ dramatic music ] >> a.d.: whatever, man. hey, listen we got to get this sketch put away. so, if you can come do the voice over -- [ dramatic music ] >> hey, what's up, miles? >> a.d.: hey man, what's up? >> have you seen jimmy? >> jimmy: i'm right here. i'm right here. the lamp's right there. [ dramatic music ] >> hey, how is it going, man. have you guys seen jimmy or miles? we're suppose to have, like a writers meeting.
12:59 am
[ dramatic music ] >> he's right there. [ dramatic music ] >> miles? he's right where? [ dramatic music ] >> and this jimmy thing's annoying though. 'cause i really need to talk to that guy and i can't find him anywhere. >> jimmy: i'm right here. oh my god, this is so infuriating. and seriously no one can tell me what's going on with this lamp? >> steve: still don't see a lamp. >> a.d.: still don't have any idea who you're talking to. but i could use a lamp in my office. so if you see one, let me know. >> steve: oh, yeah sure. >> if any of you guys see jimmy, tell him we're looking for him. >> jimmy: i'm right here. >> steve: dude, it's like they can't see you or something. >> a.d.: seriously? who are you talking to? >> who are you talking to? >> who are you guys talking to? >> steve: what do you mean, who am i talking to? >> he's right there. >> jimmy: enough, okay, enough! conference room. right now! well, everybody who can see me. just tell the others. tell the others. okay. here's the deal, i can see everybody. and i can see the lamp. who here can see the lamp? ♪
1:00 am
higgins, can you ask everyone if they can see the lamp? >> steve: can you see the lamp? >> god no. i can't even see jimmy. you guys can't see the lamp, right? >> jimmy: okay. you know what? forget that. let's move on. who here can see the monologue writer? ♪ okay, roots, who can see the roots? the basketball players? ♪ great so only the black people can see the basketball team. rachel maddow, anybody? ♪ >> hello. >> jimmy: okay. who can see the guy in the newspaper costume? ♪ okay. that guy's not even a real dude. yet you can all see him. i have no idea what's going on anymore. this is insane.
1:01 am
happy halloween! you're all nuts. >> steve: trick-or-treat, bud. have a happy holiday. >> is everything okay, mr. fallon? >> jimmy: i guess so, carl. a little -- lab trouble. >> come on, mr. fallon, i'll take you home. [ dramatic music ] [ evil laugh ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: happy halloween, everybody. we'll be right back with ryan seacrest. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is a emmy award-winning producer. and the host of the hit shows "american idol" and "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve." ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ryan seacrest. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: it's great to see you. finally you're on the show. >> it's great to be -- i know because i'm tethered to a show every day in l.a., it's tough to get here. but, you know, i watch the show. i get a chance to see it on the east coast feed before i go to sleep very early. >> jimmy: oh, thank you. >> and so i watch it in bed. and i have to say there's nothing more surreal than being the butt of one of your jokes. [ laughter ] and it's happened a couple of times. but, what jimmy does is he's so sweet, he'll do the joke, you're the butt of it, and then he'll apologize directly to you. through the camera.
1:06 am
and i'm like, "god, what a sweetheart. he's such a great guy." >> jimmy: what a great guy. >> yeah. you win me back every time. >> jimmy: yeah. i love that. well, you're a good sport. gosh, i've been doing impressions of you since "saturday night live." >> you do much taller impressions of me. you highlighted your hair. >> jimmy: yes, i highlighted my hair. i go, "i'm super sexy host, ryan seacrest." that was my tag line. >> it's so good. >> jimmy: yeah, it's the best. you're always a great sport and i appreciate that. 'cause i know you're a very busy man. thank you for doing this. i got to list what you do. you're host of "american idol," "countdown to the red carpet," "e's live from the red carpet," "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve," "on air with ryan seacrest," "american top 40." correspondent for "the today show." nbc sports throughout the olympics. nbc primetime news. and you run ryan seacrest productions. today. there we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's very impressive. >> i'm so afraid i'm gonna lose a job, i gotta have a back-up plan. >> jimmy: you have 10 back-up plans. >> and i can take 11. >> jimmy: you're hosting "dick
1:07 am
clark's new year's rockin' eve" again this year. >> yes. >> jimmy: this one's gonna be an emotional one. >> it will be. this is the first time in like, 40-plus years that we'll be in times square without dick clark as he passed away. he's such a hero of mine and was a dear friend. so, it will be special, celebratory, reflective, but certainly emotional. so, i'm excited, but at the same time i've never done it without him in times square. >> jimmy: it's gonna be a tough one. i watch every year, i always watch of course, i watch nbc, too. [ laughter ] definitely gonna get in trouble. no, but you got to watch. you always -- who do you got? do you have a big guest? can you tell us who the big star is? >> we haven't announced it yet. but wouldn't it be great if we could get -- there's a female artist out there that's setting records in terms of what she's selling recently. she loves the color red. and if you -- and if you're with her, you may never, ever, ever be back together with her. >> jimmy: you don't want to say who it is, i got you. >> we're this close and she
1:08 am
loves a good break-up anthem. >> jimmy: yeah. okay. good. i got you. i think i understand who this person is. >> i hope. i hope. >> jimmy: it's aretha franklin. [ laughter ] i knew it. i knew it as soon as you said it. also "american idol," this is big, you got new judges, you got -- look at this here. you got -- >> this is our team. >> jimmy: this is your team. the new team here. nicki's always making that face. [ laughter ] >> the face is consistent, but the hair color changes. all kinds of sherbet. >> jimmy: so, who do you got here? >> we've got randy, mariah. i'm in the center there. nicki minaj and keith urban. that's the team. >> jimmy: that's the team right there. and everyone's getting along? or no? >> well -- you've probably heard about some of the drama on the show. >> jimmy: yes, i have. >> i mean, it's gonna be tough for me to deal with the drama between randy and keith. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's what it is. yeah, those guys just get at it. >> they're going after each other. the claws come out with these two. >> jimmy: the claws come out, yeah. i understand. >> but, i will tell you that it's fantastic, we're so excited. and proud to have that group, have a legend like mariah carey. 'cause you know all the contestants who come on the
1:09 am
show, they listen to mariah. they want to be mariah carrey. there's no one bigger. and then nicki, who's been fantastic as a judge. she's very clever. >> jimmy: top of her game. >> very quick, has a lot of hit records. >> jimmy: do people freak out when they go to the auditions? like, "oh my gosh." >> yeah, they do. >> jimmy: before it was paula abdul and they just go like, "okay." [ laughter ] that's good, but this is like mariah carey and nicki minaj. what are you gonna do? >> they freaked out. there were a lot of paula fans out there. but, when they do come in to see this group, you can tell they're very nervous. but the best can fight through the nerves. >> jimmy: they could, yeah. and how are the people? have you gotten any william hung's this year? [ laughter ] >> gosh. >> jimmy: that's my main man. that guy is just lightning in a bottle. ♪ she bangs she bangs ooh she moves she moves ♪ >> jimmy: he doesn't really move. yeah, it's great. >> there's no way you know she bangs. [ talking over each other ] [ cheers ] >> jimmy: do you ever sing -- you never sing on the show. >> i'm the worst singer in the universe. i am absolutely 100% tone deaf, which is why i host the show.
1:10 am
>> jimmy: after all these years? >> i can't do it. as much as i want to. i tried the recorder, i tried "hot cross buns" when i was a kid on the recorder. i couldn't even get a-d-d-a, whatever -- >> jimmy: they always make you learn "hot cross buns." >> "hot cross buns," right? i sucked at that. on the radio show, we do this bit called "finish the lyric." and we do this a couple of times a week where i'll start a song. and we'll have a caller call in and finish that song on the air. i say to them, "look, i appreciate you calling up and sharing your gift of song. with my gift of song. and together, we'll create an amazing gift on the air." >> jimmy: and you basically just make them sing? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what if we begged you, could you do a little something tonight? >> better than -- [ cheers and applause ] "she bangs" wasn't good enough? >> jimmy: "she bangs" was not good enough. can you give us -- look we have a microphone here. >> this will be pathetic. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: ask the roots. the roots know everything. >> so this is like rappish songish thing. it's r. kelly, the remix to "ignition." do you know that one? ♪
1:11 am
♪ it's the remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen mama rollin' that body got every man in here wishin' ♪ >> what are you sippin' on? ♪ sippin' on coke and rum i'm like so what i'm drunk it's the freaking weekend ♪ ♪ baby 'bout to have me some fun ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about! ryan seacrest! ♪ bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce ♪ "american idol" has it's two night premiere january 16th and 17th at 8:00 p.m. on fox. bobby cannavale joins us next. come on back everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ like the party was catered we got fellas to my left honey's on my right ♪ ♪ we bring them both together we gonna have a good night ♪ >> jimmy: oh, come on! ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is an emmy award winner. and tony award nominated actor who's currently in the revival of "glengarry glen ross." as well as hbo's "boardwalk empire," please welcome bobby cannavale! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:17 am
>> jimmy: bobby, please welcome to our show. have a seat buddy. thank you for coming on. >> it's good to be here, man. >> jimmy: i'm a big fan of yours, obviously. we were both recently up for an award together. >> yeah, we were, you won. congratulations. >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. >> that was awesome. >> jimmy: yeah, it was awesome. >> it was great when you won. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i did see you on broadway by the way. i'm a fan of yours. i saw you in "the mother with the hat" >> right. >> jimmy: with chris rock. >> right, right. >> jimmy: you were amazing. >> good times. thank you. >> jimmy: you were so great. gosh, and a lot of yelling in that play. >> yeah, yeah, a lot of yelling. a lot of yelling, crying, fighting. i get my butt kicked by chris rock every night. which is you know -- >> jimmy: hard to do. >> that's acting. >> jimmy: that's acting. yeah. [ laughter ] he's a skinny dude. yeah, yeah, yeah. how's chris doing? >> he's great, he's so funny. you know, it's the first play he's ever done. he was very funny. he got to the first rehearsal
1:18 am
and he said, "man, i haven't been in the theater since 'pearly.'" and that was like 1978. >> jimmy: "pearly." [ laughter ] >> so it was -- so he was -- had never done a play. and to this day, you know, we talk all the time. we'll go out and he'll say, "man, i don't remember anybody i ever worked with. i don't ever even hang out with anybody i ever worked with. this was like, the greatest thing i ever did." it just changed him. >> jimmy: definitely. he was amazing. >> he was really amazing. >> jimmy: and now, here you are, you're in "glengarry glen ross" with al pacino. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's a hot ticket right now. how did that come about? do you know al pacino? >> no, man. i never met him before. and he's my favorite actor. i grew up -- he's my favorite actor of all time, you know? i have posters on the wall, the whole nine. and so, i always had this thing, i've been doing theater for so long in new york. and i always had this joke that al pacino is gonna come tonight. al's coming tonight. al's coming tonight. and then i did a few things that were a little more high profile. and like, everybody was coming. so i thought, well, al's gonna show up. and he never did. and everybody, that became the joke. so any time i'd come to the theater people would be like,
1:19 am
"al's here tonight." and so he never came. and then i sat next to him at the tony's. we were nominated against each other. and they sat me next to him. and i was like, "mr. pacino could you please come to my play. it would mean everything to me." and he's like -- [ as pacino ] "i'm coming. i promise, i'm coming." >> jimmy: that's a good al pacino. >> and he came the very last night. and he came the last night, and he stayed back in my dressing room forever, man. like, for a long time. like, it was -- we were just talking and talking. we got to do something. we got to do something. >> jimmy: it just took a long time. 45 minutes -- [ as pacino ] "talking. very slowly and intensely." he's amazing. >> yeah, yeah. but it's totally the way he talks. and then he'll surprise you with like, an outburst. [ as pacino ] >> jimmy: it's great to be here sitting down here in the seat! [ laughter ] >> yeah, i love that. i love that. >> jimmy: keeps you on your toes. yeah but he's an amazing man. >> it's a little weird over coffee. >> jimmy: yeah. he's just screaming and yelling. >> but then i got a call and they were like, al wants to do "glengarry glen ross," and would love to know if you'd be interested. >> jimmy: and you're playing the role he played in the film? >> that's correct, yeah. >> jimmy: wow, that's pressure.
1:20 am
>> yeah. there's no pressure actually. not at all. it's really funny. i asked him one thing about it in rehearsal. i had a question about blocking. and i said, "hey man, do you remember like, when you guys did the scene in the booth, were you guys both in the same booth?" and he goes, "what are you talking about?" i said, "glengarry glen ross?" he goes, "i don't remember." and that was it. that was the only thing, and i never -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's good advice. >> it was good. if it were me -- there's no pressure, really. >> jimmy: here's a picture of you just admiring al. look at this. [ laughter ] look at that picture. you're just staring, gazing at him. >> i'm like, on my eighth mini orgasm. [ laughter ] yeah, they had this press conference, like second day of rehearsal. so, i still wasn't used to being around him. and they put me right next to him and he talked the most of the time and that's all i did. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: that's not even al pacino. it's a madam tusseau wax figure of al pacino. [ laughter ] he didn't move the whole press conference. >> but, it was amazing, you know -- you grow up like, thinking about your favorite actor. i did at least. and you're like, you think of the conversations you would have with them, like -- and then, you know, you're a kid and you're like, "oh, al would
1:21 am
understand this. i know he would." and during this whole press conference, i was literally sitting there going -- "oh, my god, he's totally answering all the questions the way i thought he would." it was unbelievable. >> jimmy: it's like you're controlling al pacino's mind. well, you're super duper busy, "boardwalk empire," congrats on that. [ cheers and applause ] they're lucky to have you. >> thanks, thanks. >> jimmy: you play a tough gangster on that? >> yeah, i play a guy named gyp rosetti. he's sort of a new gangster and he wants to, he's got real problems with steve's character, with nucky. and he makes a lot of problems for him this year. he's a pretty violent guy. >> jimmy: we've got to show everyone a clip here. here's bobby cannavale in hbo's "boardwalk empire." take a look at this. >> look who he works for, joe. they building something and it n't include us. who's gonna own this business, huh? hebes and micks and back-stabbing [ bleep ] that don't respect where they come from. and for all the blood we put into it.
1:22 am
[ speaking foreign language ] you do what you gotta do with me, but you gonna be in a war. whether you like it or not. >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about right there! [ cheers and applause ] bobby cannavale, "glengarry glen ross" is playing at the gerald schoenfeld theatre. and "boardwalk empire" airs sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. stick around, we have stand-up comedian tom shillue, when we get back. there he his right now in the bud light platinum suite. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ bye daddy! bye! bye girls, love you. daddy, we made you a video for your trip! yeah, watch it on the airplane! ok here you go. aw, thanks girls. yeah hey. i also made you a video. aw, that's so sweet. you probably shouldn't watch it on the plane. say bye to daddy! bye girls! bye!
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a great stand-up comedian who is about to do something that's never been done before. he's gonna release 12 comedy albums in 12 months. [ cheers ] that's one album a month for an entire year. the first album, titled "better stronger faster," will be released november 6th on itunes and amazon. give it up for tom shillue! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. all right. i look good. i'm very -- caucasian. [ light laughter ] it's okay.
1:28 am
i'm not very multicultural, i know. i grew up in a very white, irish catholic town. everybody was the same. but that can be good, too. because then every culture that you're exposed to as you grow up is that much more exciting. like, me and my brother would get so excited that one day a week in the summer months, my mother would have -- taco night! [ laughter ] taco night was like a trip to another world. we actually put our guns up -- [ shooting noises ] [ mexican accent ] it's a taco night! and it was just hamburger helper in a frozen taco shell. that was mexican fare to us. tacos with fritos on the side? fritos were mexican, weren't they? what do they put on there? oh, the spicy frito! [ laughter ] fritos. in the '70s, you probably don't remember who the spokesman --
1:29 am
does anybody remember who the spokesman for fritos was in the 1970s? thank you! the frito bandito. the most politically incorrect spokesman in the history of salted snacks. for those who don't remember, the frito bandito was a three-and-a-half foot tall mexican -- thief. [ laughter ] that was the whole concept. in the commercial, he would come into town with guns blazing. he would steal your fritos from you. then he would eat them while you watched. then he would sit down, lean against a tree, pull his sombrero over his eyes and take a nap. [ laughter ] they would never get away with that today. can you imagine the guy suggesting that at the ad agency? the guy would be, like, "uh-huh, i see your boards here. the frito -- bandito. okay, phil, you don't work here anymore. yeah, you got to go right now."
1:30 am
so my whole life was cultural milestones. seventh grade, my first exposure -- my first wonderful exposure to jewish girls. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. you can tell they still like me. [ laughter ] i had only known two jews up to that point in my life. charlton heston -- in "the ten commandments." [ light laughter ] and charlton heston in "ben-hur." [ laughter ] those were my two. i wanted to talk to these jewish girls. so i'm looking over at them, and, you know, they had the dark hair, and they had the eyes. i guess they all had eyes, right? and i'm looking at them, and i'll never forget -- i said to my friend, john mittiga -- he was sitting there with his milk. he was all cocky, you know. i said i want to talk to debbie shapiro and debbie mahler. they're all debbies, you know. and i'll never forget -- he said, "don't even bother.
1:31 am
they only date other jews." [ laughter ] i'll never forget him sucking on that milk telling me i couldn't date jewish girls. i took that challenge. i went up to them. they liked me. just like these ones like me, yeah. you know, i went on dates with -- innocent little junior high dates. you know what those were like. you know, you hide behind a hedge. they walk by after school. you jump out and follow them home. [ laughter ] nowadays, they call that stalking. but i'd go to their houses. their houses were different. everything was different about the jewish culture. they had paintings on the wall with real paint on them. [ light laughter ] we just had the prints of a lighthouse. you know, above the couch. and then these little dogs -- little, fluffy, clean dogs. i'd never seen such clean dogs in my whole life. and they wouldn't let them out. i'd go to the door -- "don't let the dog out!" jewish dogs never went out. [ laughter ] our dogs never came in. "don't let the dog in." that's what my mother used to
1:32 am
say. there was a dog on our porch. i swear to god, i was 11 years old before i realized it was our dog. [ laughter ] wondered what he was doing out there. but i stuck with the jewish girls my whole life. junior high, high school. then i moved to new york -- bounty. [ laughter ] then i got married -- to an italian girl. close enough, right? [ light laughter ] i always say that to my wife. she knows my obsession with the jewish 'cause i always say, "close enough." she doesn't like that. i say close enough 'cause what is an italian girl, but a jewish girl you can take to church? thank you so much. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that was good, brother. tom shillue, everyone. his comedy album, "better stronger faster," comes out november 6th on itunes and amazon.
1:33 am
and follow him at twitter at @tomshillue. we'll be right back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:34 am


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